Hook Trades LLC

Hook Trades LLC

SKU: 20230525-005

Home Depot Pallet #005

Item Description Quantity
Mower Scotts 16″ Reel mower 4
Tile cutter Anvil 14 IN. Ceramic tile cutter 5
Tile cutter 21 IN. QEP Pro Manual tile cutter 5
Tile cutter 30 IN. Pro slimline tile cutter 1
Tripod Bosch compact laser level tripod 4
Charger Rigid charging station 2
Tool chest Husky 50 gallon rolling tool chest 1
Craft tool Dermal 2
Pail USA flag 5 gallon pail 1
Misc. Up to 5lbs. of misc. items from wheels to bladez 50-60

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